Learning the Basics of Pavement Ants

At Sure Shot Pest Control, ants are among our top specialties. We’re aware of the annoyances these tiny crawlers can cause throughout the year, and our services include full prevention and removal of any infestations in your home or building.

There are several different types of ants out there. Perhaps the most common, and often the one you’ve seen the most frequently, is the pavement ant. Let’s go over where pavement ants fit in with common ant types, and why you should be keeping an eye out for them.

Ant Types

In most areas of the US, there are three species of ant that are generally common. There’s the carpenter ant, which can cause property damage in large numbers but is not dangerous to humans or animals. Then there’s the pharaoh ant, which is less common but is dangerous because it can spread diseases and bacteria to humans.

Third is the pavement ant. These are not considered dangerous to humans, but they can be a huge inconvenience on a home or property. Our next section will look at some details.

Pavement Ants

Like most pests, pavement ants are drawn to areas that provide warm, safe shelter – preferably close to some food and water sources, as well. They’ll use the cracks of driveways, sidewalks and other concrete foundations to make their nests, and will eat a variety of things that may be found in the vicinity – fruits, sweets, grease, dead insects and more. Items from gardens, compost piles and garbage cans will generally be what they look for.

Your Home

Here’s the thing about pavement ants: They won’t stay on the pavement for long if they’re already taking up residence near your property. Once they realize there’s food and shelter inside your property, they’ll likely enter and stay until they’re forced to leave. They’ll invade areas like insulation, under floors, in crawl spaces and in masonry walls. They enter in huge numbers and will make multiple nesting areas in difficult places to reach.

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