Frequently Asked Questions

A. Sure Shot Pest & Weed Control is a complete termite, weed, and pest control company. We inspect and treat any home, office, or commercial facility, and we welcome any and all realtors and or current customers for these services. We also offer inspection and treatment for all yard, tree, and general outdoor insect or weed problems. Inspections of residential or commercial structures are available to match you with the perfect treatment plan for all of your pest and weed control needs.
A. All treatment methods and chemical products are regulated by the State Department of Agriculture. We use the newest and safest treatments available. The chemicals we use are regulated for special uses, meaning that if we use a chemical labeled for inside use, it is absolutely safe for you and your family. If there are any treatments that would involve notification of a certain danger or harm to your family or pets, Sure Shot will notify you at that time.
A. Most maintenance plans do not require you to leave the home. There are a few treatments such as flea and tick treatments inside that will require you to leave, but there are very few. Most treatments are all performed on the perimeter of the home, or structure, and in that case you do not have to leave during the treatment. There are a few chemicals that have an odor, but regular monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment chemicals have no odor, no staining, and do not require you to leave the premises.
A. We use a wide range of chemicals that are specific to the type of treatment you need. Each chemical that is used will be listed on the invoice you receive along with an information sheet from the manufacturer. The invoice will also specify what problems we were trying to solve, what chemicals we used to solve the problem, and how and where the chemical was used.
A. The most common pests in this area are spiders, fleas, ticks, scorpions, roaches, silverfish, and termites. We treat and inspect for all of these plus many more. Treatments begin working immediately but will only be effective with an ongoing maintenance plan of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. After the initial treatment, a booster treatment may be needed as well.