Outdoor solutions

Our thorough treatment of your yard and property consists of the following 6 steps we perform each year. These custom treatments have been developed specifically for our climate and will help keep your yard looking lush, green, and pest-free all year!

Flea & Tick treatments

These are liquid applications applied monthly or spring , summer , and fall. These applications schedules can vary depending on your specific area and or level of activity.

Tree & Shrub

These applications are applied Spring, Summer, & Fall. These applications prevent the trees and shrubs from attack from bag worms, web worms, scale, spider mite and many other harmful insects. This program will allow your trees and shrubs to not only live longer, but it will allow them to grow & fill out to their full potential!

Grub Treatment

The Grub treatment is applied Spring, summer, & Fall. The treatments consist of systemic products that work thru grass or plants that the Grubs feed on & in turn kill the Grubs.

Mosquito treatment

Our mosquito treatments are usually applied monthly but they can be customized to your needs. Some clients have the treatments applied Spring, summer, fall, & some clients simply choose to have a treatment applied before an entertainment event. These highly effective treatments are applied to the yard and areas that hold cover for the mosquitoes .

Ant Treatment

The ant treatment is one of our most effective treatments. We have an expert treatment that can eradicate the colony of ants in one treatment. In order to solve an ant problem the ant colony has to be eradicated. The ant treatment is applied entirely outside & is still able to eradicate the ants from the inside as well.

Weed & Fertilization

Winter Pre and Post Emergent,Early Spring Pre and Post Emergent, Spring Slow Release Granular Fertilization and Spot Weed Treatment, Summer Slow Release Granular Fertilization and Spot Weed Treatment, Early Fall Slow Release Granular Fertilization and Spot Weed Treatment, Fall Pre and Post Emergent