Keep Your Workplace Free from Pests and Rodents

Turn to Sure Shot Pest Control for effective commercial pest control solutions that keep insects and rodents out without harming your employees, your property, and the environment.

The Sure Shot team has been providing pest control services since 1975. Over the years, we have developed techniques that solve even persistent, recurrent pest infestations for good. Our veterans know exactly where to look for nests and breeding grounds, even when they seem invisible to the eye. We work hard and don’t stop until we’re sure that every area in your workplace or commercial space has been treated and secured.

Invest in Your Business’ Health and Safety

Keeping your workplace spotless and free from potentially dangerous pests and rodents can be one of your smartest business decisions yet.

Your workplace can be a reflection of your business. We help you create a good impression among clients, business partners, and potential investors by keeping your office free from wood-eating insects that compromise your building’s structure.

Moreover, if you are in the food service or hospitality industry, even the smallest rodent is a major concern. Secure the quality and safety of your products or the comfort of your guests with our help. We use safe, environment-friendly solutions when solving rodent infestations. We can rid of your workplace of pesky pests without disrupting your business processes.

Tailored Pest Control Solutions

We believe that no case of infestation is the same, so we don’t use a cookie cutter approach when ridding your office, warehouse, showroom, or store of pests. We evaluate the situation, inspect the affected areas, and create a tailored solution for your workplace.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, we help you comply with state regulations and maintain the safety of your clients, employees, and building with our comprehensive pest control services.

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